Congratulations! After submitting your application, your team has been chosen to participate in Gira por la Infancia 2020.

We suggest the following guidelines that you can follow during the process to carry out the work successfully:

1. Select the girls, boys and adolescents from your environment who are going to be interviewed.

2. Organize with your teammates to collect the interviews according to the number of participants in the team.

You can ask the following questions to the children and adolescents interviewed in your research work:


    • Do you think closing schools has been a good idea? Why?
    • Did you like the alternative teaching you have received? How has it been?
    • Do you have a computer at home? And internet connection?
    • If you don’t have a computer or internet connection or neither, how have you been in contact with your teacher?
    • What have you missed most about school?
    • Has your teacher ever asked your opinion to improve the alternative teaching you have received? In case he or she asked you, what have you answered?
    • Can you tell an experience or something important that has happened to you at home with your family, while your school has been closed?


    • How would you like school to be while the COVID-19 pandemic continues?
    • Do you think that girls, boys and adolescents can contribute something to improve the school? If so, what can you contribute?

You can ask other questions, different from the above, if your team considers it appropriate.

3. Choose the method you are going to use to collect the answers of the interviews (by paper notes, voice recording, voice and image recording, writing by WhatsApp or Messenger, audio by WhatsApp or Messenger, or any other).

4. Share the answers of the interviews, identify the different experiences and proposals and count the coincidences.

5. Write a document with the obtained information to share it in the virtual meeting:

    • The first part of the document will be about the experiences-feelings
    • and the second about the proposals of the girls, boys and adolescents interviewed.

This document will be previously sent to the organization.

6. Choose a partner to act as spokesperson in the virtual meeting. He or she will have the responsibility of preparing the exposure at the meeting.

The referring adult will be responsible for explaining this document or part of it in case the team members have difficulty understanding it.

Remember that your team has until November 10 as deadline to send the document referred to in point 5 through the contacto@giraporlainfancia.org. Therefore, you have one month to prepare the work.

The Zoom virtual meeting will be moderated by two adolescents (a boy and a girl) assigned by the organization and 4 spokespersons from different countries will also participate. The meeting is divided into three moments:

1. Presentation of the results of the research work by the spokesperson of each team.

For 7 minutes, your team spokesperson will share the conclusions of your research work. In the following link you can check the day and time that the organization has assigned to your virtual meeting.

2. Answers to questions asked by the public.

3. Closure of the meeting with the possibility that the spokespersons of the participating teams can make a final contribution on something they consider of interest related to the central theme of the event and the meeting.

The Zoom encounter cannot be interrupted by adults. They cannot participate or appear in image. It is necessary to understand that in this child participation project the only protagonists are girls, boys and adolescents. Thank you very much for your collaboration


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