1. Participation will be as a team; therefore, you will have to present your candidacy together with other colleagues from the child participation council, scout group, social organization, educational center, town hall or other entity or group to which it belongs.

2. If you are a minor, you will have to be represented by an adult (Adult Team Leader).

3. You will have to fill in the online form that appears on the official website of GIRA POR LA INFANCIA 2020 and send a one-minute video in which the candidates to participate will have to present themselves as a Team saying to which city and country you belong to, why do you want to participate in the Project and whenever possible, briefly tell about any relevant project or activity in which you are already participating or have participated. Video can be recorded horizontally with a smartphone (only videos sent horizontally will be supported). The deadline to submit the video is September 30, 2020.

Remember that the video must be fun and dynamic and that it will be uploaded to the GIRA POR LA INFANCIA website and social networks!

4. On October 10, 2020, the Organization will publish the Project Program confirming your participation. From that moment on, you and your Team will have to prepare the Research Work considering the following aspects:

a. The Objectives of the investigation will be:

– Know how the closure of schools as a result of COVID-19 has affected children and adolescents.

– Know the proposals of children and adolescents to achieve a school that responds to the educational and social needs produced by the pandemic.

b. The largest possible number of girls, boys and adolescents in the area to which the participating Team belongs should be interviewed.

c. The Organization will provide an explanatory document that will support the activity.

d. For the presentation of the research work using the Zoom platform, each team will have a number of minutes yet to be determined. Each team will elect a Spokesperson who will be responsible for sharing the results of the work.

e. Each day several yet to be determined teams from different countries will participate. After the first round of work presentations, the teams will have a few minutes to ask each other questions. After this, another session will be opened so that the general public can ask questions to any of the participating teams. Both of the presentations and the debates will be coordinated by other girls, boys and adolescents who will act as moderators.

5. Your Team’s exhibition will take place on the day assigned by the Organization, between November 20 and 30. You will have to have a computer with a camera and an Internet connection. Only in very exceptional cases, and always justified in advance, can you do it through a smartphone. When people from different countries and continents participate, the Project Organization will try to assign the best possible time schedule for all participating countries.

📣🌏 IMPORTANT 🔴: «Those girls, boys and adolescents who do not have the possibility of connecting to the Internet may also participate by recording a video, although this option will only be possible in cases where there is really no Internet connection or it is very weak. . The live meeting between girls, boys and adolescents from different countries will always prevail.»

6. The daily exhibitions and debates will be shared on Facebook Live both live and delayed. Likewise, in the digital platforms that the Organization deems appropriate for the proper development of the Project.

7. All Participants in GIRA POR LA INFANCIA 2020, both girls, boys and adolescents and adult representatives, will obtain from the Organization the corresponding Certificate of Participation in this international project. In addition, each participating team will have 5 training scholarships for youth and adults to carry out the Online Course «Technician in Promotion of Good Treatment and Child Participation«. Likewise, the logo of the social organization, educational center, town hall or other entity to which the participating team is linked will be incorporated into the project website, in the collaboration section.



Download the Declaration of the Team Leader Document to authorize the transfer of the image and voice of the participants in Gira por la Infancia 2020:







Complete the following Form with the information of your Team and participate in GIRA POR LA INFANCIA 2020:

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Once you have completed the previous Form and have given «Submit«, you must send us your one minute video to the email address contacto@giraporlainfancia.org attaching in the message the team name you registered with. To do this, we recommend using the app WeTransfer.

Remember that the video must be fun and dynamic and that it will be uploaded to the GIRA POR LA INFANCIA website and social networks!


If you have any questions about how to fill out the Registration Form, write to us at contacto@giraporlainfancia.org or fill out this other Form:

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